About Shyft

Change is natures delight Change is natures delight

Shyft was born in January of 2022, by founding partners Jackson McNaughton & Luke Thompson. We had been business partners for over 5 years, and we bring quite different skills to the table. Together, we make a good team, so we’re told!

For us personally, there came a time where we were ready to step out on our own, and build something that we would be proud of.

We were keen to have ownership over what we did, and wanted our business to be built to service our clients. We took the plunge, and we’re ready for the adventure!


We want to see you do good things and to thrive in your market, and your team supporting you are the ones to help you get where you want to be.


Your career is important. If we’ve learned anything after years of doing this, it’s that each person has a different idea of what a ‘good opportunity’ looks like.


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